“I’m fine alone…”: Teresita Reyes surprised after giving details about her sentimental status

The actress Teresita Reyes surprised her followers after appearing on the screen this Sunday as a guest of Connected with Elithe Eli de Caso and Gianella Marengo show on Channel 13.

The Mega actress addressed different topics in the show focused on the elderly, such as her experience in social networks, the humor she shares, the love she receives on the web and the talk shows she does from time to time on her account. Instagram, which led to the show’s cheerleader consulting him about his relationship status.

It all started when Teresita Reyes watched one of the funny videos that she shares on the platform where she said that they had yelled at her “rich old woman”, but it was an acquaintance who played a joke on her.

“Would you like to fall in love again?” Eli de Caso asked directly to the bone. “Don’t look, I’m fine alone,” Reyes said with absolute sincerity, referring to the state of her heart after becoming a widow in 2016 after more than 40 years of relationship.

“It would have to be a very special peuco”

“Yeah, but if a peuco appears, put on you,” said the cheerleader. “But it would have to be a very special peuco, very funny, cultured, that makes me laugh”, she affirmed without completely closing the door to love.

“I told my children (…) first I felt immeasurable love for my grandmother who raised me, God bless you. Then a tremendous love for my husband who also left me… He was the only one, 46 years together. Then for my children it was already a heartbreaking love … ”, he added, later referring to the love he feels for his grandchildren.