“I’m fascinated…”: Camila Nash gave details of her life after going to live in Mexico

The former reality girl, Camila Nash, surprised her followers after answering questions from users and referring to her life in Mexico, the country where she currently resides.

Through her Instagram stories, the influencer answered various questions where she addressed details of her relationship with her Mexican heartthrob and her life in the Aztec country.

“How did you meet your partner and how long have you been with him?” wrote a follower to which she replied with a photo. “I came to Mexico for more than a month in June, we met in Tulum, then we had a long-distance relationship and right now, a total of about 4 months,” she revealed.

“Better Chileans or foreigners?” another curious user wrote. “It’s not the nationality, it’s the person,” said Camila Nash, giving more details of why she went to live outside of Chile.

Clarified why you moved to another country

“Sometimes I’m not very clear… but I don’t regret it. I think that’s the most important thing… the first time I’ve lived outside the country and it’s been an enormous experience. I am fascinated ”, expressed the former Calle 7 clarifying that she did not move for love or hit.

“I came to make my life (…) I loved the culture, they are very kind, respectful and cool. It is a beautiful country. Huge, full of culture, green and not cold. Oh and the food… meow, ”she added, surprising him with the details of his life outside of Chile.

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