“I’m bored of staying silent…”: Juan Pablo Montt lost patience and stopped Jordi Castell in his tracks after controversial statements about their separation

During the night of this Monday, Jordi Castell was the star guest on Juego Textual, a Channel 13 program hosted by Sergio Lagos.

And as expected, the photographer referred to his boisterous breakup with Juan Pablo Montt, the one who at the time shook the national show business.

“I do not want to play the victim here, far from it, but I think we all realize when we are feeling a little threatened or leaving our comfort zone and suddenly things that did not seem violent before suddenly seem violent to us,” released the former Close-up about their separation.

“There are very subtle ways of demonstrating violence. The point is to have the sensitivity to accept that relationships suddenly fail, because the other is not empathetic with the fragility of their spouse, “he added.

And along the same lines, he added: “I had moments of great fragility, especially after my grandfather died (…) but of course, there were things that suddenly began to make noise, because I felt the man who slept with me did not have to treat me that way He noticed that he was not with shouts or violence, they were subtleties that he said ‘I don’t want to continue listening’ (…) we were too different. It’s not that he was a bad person.”

Juan Pablo Montt’s response

After watching the program, Juan Pablo Montt raised his voice and responded furiously to his ex’s sayings.

“I am bored of staying silent and listening to a version invented by this man. What he has been talking about for a year is a story to evade and not address the truth about him about the obsessions he suffers from and that have prevented him from maintaining relationships and couples ”, he vented at the outset.

“It caused me enormous damage, I had to face a situation that I never imagined, even more so from a person who married me, involving my family and friends, and then only disrespecting us,” added Juan Pablo.

Finally, Montt shared a profound reflection on the matter.

“Television is not my world or my job, but I can’t stay silent watching everything I’ve seen while my photos and information are shown. All this affects my honor, private life and dignity. Everything has a limit. Stop profiting from my name. That he at least show decency for the respect he never had for me, ”she concluded.