“I’m a ball fan …”: Chiqui Aguayo surprised and revealed a particular attitude that she has with her partner

Pamela Díaz and Chiqui Aguayo had a hilarious conversation this week in the podcast that they both do together, “Today is today”, which on this occasion had Carolina Soto as a guest.

In this context, the former Red participant was consulted about what situations bother her about her partner. Then, the singer assured that she is outraged that she does not respond to him when they are fighting.

His sayings were replicated by the comedian, who agreed with his position.

“Hey, but that’s a virtue because I’m a ball fan and I continue, ‘but tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me,'” he assured in the middle of the conversation.

Then, Pame asked them if they are indeed still couples until they answer them. They both answered in the affirmative.

Chiqui Aguayo’s reflection

“‘I’m talking alone? and I keep talking to myself, I tell you and I tell you and you don’t say anything to me, that is, on top of that, you put up a fight and I have to solve it myself’, and I keep talking and I keep talking, ‘Aren’t you going to tell me anything ?’”, Chiqui launched.

“No, and he leaves, and he leaves super calm, he doesn’t even leave angry,” added the Chilean artist. “It would not charge me, because also when they answer you, they answer you badly,” alleged La Fiera.

“It’s just that men are different, because one of them fits and really when they say we’ll talk about it later, one wants to talk about it later, but the other has already forgotten,” Chiqui reflected before moving on to other topics of conversation.