Ignacio Jara: “I am going to Colo Colo hungry to earn a position; I need this revenge”

He was the 2021 Copa Chile champion and scored a key goal in the fight for relegation in the 2020 season. The intense passage through Colo Colo marked Ignacio Jara forever. Now, the midfielder who shone in Cobreloa and who made a leap into Brazilian football returns. In dialogue with AS, after a loan at Unión Española, the 25-year-old player He admits that he dreams of staying in Macul.

“I know that there are people who can say that I did not play much, but what I want most is to stay in Colo Colo. I think and feel that I need a rematch. I fought so hard to get to Colo Colo when things were bad, that obviously I want to return to the club”, reflects Ignacio Jara. The footballer has a contract until December 31, 2024.

– Is it a plus that Gustavo Quinteros knows you?

– He was essential for me to get to Colo Colo. I am very self-critical and I reflect on what happened to me: I feel indebted. Now I’m hungry to win a position and then achieve important things at the club.

– Do you think it will be difficult to get that opportunity?

– I’m honest: I know I’m going to have to row it from behind and I won’t play dumb, but I do feel that I need that possibility.

– Your match against La Calera was vital in the fight for relegation. How do you remember that?

– It was the best game I had because it was a difficult opponent and we had nowhere. I had a space to hit him and I scored a dream goal. I yelled it more than in a classic or a final because it was an uncomfortable situation. Then I gave the pass to César (Fuentes) and I hope that those things happen again. A very united group was formed despite the circumstances.

– In the following season he scored in a Superclásico. What did he feel at that moment?

– Scoring in a classic is different because all of Chile is watching you. It was something I always dreamed of and I hope it happens again because there is a mutual affection with the people.

– Do you feel loved by the Colo Colo fan? On his Instagram he receives several positive comments …

– I had to be at the most critical moment of the club and I always played with my heart. It’s gratifying that people remember me and I hope to repay that love. It is what I want the most. I think that if I put more sacrifice, things will come.


Ignacio Jara’s stay in Unión Española

– On Sunday he said goodbye to Unión Española on social networks. How do you evaluate his stage at the club?

– I thank the club for allowing me to go, I am really grateful. I met important people, people who love the institution very much. On a personal level I’m a little sad because I didn’t show what I had in mind. I was in debt.

– Do you think going out on loan was a good decision?

– I wanted to take another challenge because I had the confidence of the coach and Unión Española is a big club. I never thought it would end like this, losing a Copa Chile final. I feel sorry for myself because I went with aspirations to play and be important, but I had two very serious injuries. I was left out, but I take it as something positive: I have to keep learning and keep trying. I’m going to take everything bad and turn it into positive things to keep fighting.