“If you don’t have empathy for an animal” and “He only got it off the table”: the irruption of a cat at a conference in Brazil sparked controversy

Brazil is already preparing the duel for the quarterfinals against Croatia for the World Cup, it hopes that it has not been exempt from some controversy.

On Friday, those in charge of appearing at the press conference were the coach, Tite, to then give way to striker Vinícius Júnior, at which time the incident occurred.

As the Real Madrid player began to speak, the team’s press officer, Vinicius Rodrigues, appeared, noticing that there was a cat lying on the counter. In that, while the cat was very comfortable, he grabbed it by the skin without much technique and released it so that it fell to the floor.

The reporters did not hide their fear at the landing of the cat, which fell on all fours and continued walking.

Before the scene, there was an awkward moment of silence in the room, after which both members of the team looked at each other and laughed.

After that, in social networks the reactions were divided on Twitter. On the one hand, those who lowered the profile of the situation appeared: “Does not hurt the cat at any time”, “They make it look like it was thrown from a 12th floor” Y “The cat is not going to die, crystals, he just got it off the table”.

But there were also those who saw the way in which the press officer lowered the animal as unnecessary: ​​“If you don’t have empathy for an animal, how will you deal with people?”, What does there have to be a kitten?” Y “There are ways to charge them and treat them, or just call someone to remove it in a calm way”.

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