“If we go for a little while…”: Garcia gives a clear message about his future

Ñublense closes its spectacular campaign in the 2022 Championship and great credit goes to Jaime García, who positioned the team in second place in the table and now got a historic classification to the Copa Libertadores of the next year. After the match, DT chillanejo stressed this point and addressed the future of his career.

“An unknown Jaime García arrived, for which I first want to thank all the leaders, they have had respect as a coach and that is what we are looking for. The club has been advancing and they deserve it for the region, I’m happy”said the technician in TNT Sports.

Along the same lines, the DT ruled that: “I am humble, I train for my old lady. I keep insisting that Chilean coaches must be given opportunities, because they deserve it and not give him one or two games, you have to go through a process. I’ve been four years, the leaders did not get into the dressing room nor I in the leadership. I gave everything in my bad moments”.

With a view to 2023, García stressed that: “This does not drive me crazy, when one goes down I hope that people support. I want to rest, I haven’t in four years, I want to see if I can continue here and if not I wish the best for the club and the leaders. We have to talk, we have to grow in every way”.

Finally, the strategist added that “I do not want to go to participate in the Libertadores, rather I want to go to compete, that is what we are looking for, if we go for a little while, why. I am grateful for the leaders who left and those who took over. You don’t have to get bigger.”