“If it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t have what I have”: Gigi Martin’s emotional reflection on her friendship with Mauricio Flores

The humorist Gigi Martin was the most recent guest of the Canal 13 show, De tú a tú, where he talked with Martín Cárcamo about various topics.

Nelson Martin, better known as Gigi Martin, opened the doors of his house in Peñaflor where he showed his home, his exotic collections, he was honest about his great sorrows among them the loss of his older brother Quintin, event that led him to experience a negative moment but that allowed his reunion with Mauricio Flores.

“I was very close with Quintin because we played soccer. When he died I was left lame, I was left without a foot, “he explained, explaining that he was upset with his brother after he started working with Mauricio Flores at MCC and they made jokes where they mentioned him. “I said ‘My brother died for me, he is no more.’ And after two or three months my brother died”, he revealed, pointing out that at the wake he met again who was his friend and with whom he stopped talking for about 17 years.

Suddenly I look to the side and there was Mauricio. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, and we met at the foot of my dead brother’s bed. We hugged each other, I cried inconsolably”, Gigi Martin confessed, revealing what they said when they met again in 2018 on the show “What the public says”.


“That moment was special, we gave each other a hug and said that we have to put it forward because people want to see us. And everyone told us that (…) Since I was angry with my brother and what happened happened, I promised never to be angry with anyone else, except with a family member, “he said.

“I think that if it hadn’t been for him I wouldn’t have what I have, he was part of that success and to forget that would be to be very ungrateful… The key is in love, in the affection of friends,” Martin said of Mauricio Flores .

“I was very angry with him but later you realize that in that anger there is a hint of affection and love. I love him very much, we are made for each other when it comes to acting as a duo, the complicity of being an hour and a half of show acting without rehearsing, “he added, revealing the great affection and admiration he feels for his colleague.

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