“If I go to jail…”: Sergio Rojas was caught by an arrest warrant for Gisella Gallardo’s lawsuit

The journalist Sergio Rojas had to appear before the courts when he found out that there was an arrest warrant against him, as a result of the lawsuit filed by Gisella Gallardoex-wife of Mauricio Pinilla.

The influencer’s judicial action seeks to sanction the communicator for his statements in an episode of I late prime of last September, where Rojas affirmed that Gallardo scratched Pinilla’s car, in the midst of the controversies that the ex-soccer player starred in.

The story of Sergio Rojas

“Here very installed in the courts because I found out that I had an arrest warrant for not showing up for a hearing yesterday, because of the lawsuit that Gisella Gallardo filed against me… the problem is that I never found out about the famous hearing…”, Rojas downloaded On Instagram.

“For Santa Sara, while we are full of slams, reds, assaults, deaths, Pinilla’s wife finds nothing better than to use justice for feeling attacked. The alleged crime… talking about the bad behavior of her husband and how she has acted in response to it… certainly the world turned upside down…”, she added.

“If they think that with this they will be able to silence our live qtld (I’m telling you) they are very wrong, because for public relations there are already many journalists and programs that is not the case of ours (…) So to all the Gisellas, calimas, mojojos, pinilla, natys, just cordially invite them to see us and if they do not want Let’s talk about you, so don’t go airing your private lives on social networks or paid programs… “, Rojas closed.

“If I go to jail, these could be my last images,” he ironized in a video posted on Instagram, where he is seen waiting for a hearing with the Prosecutor’s Office.