IA created an entire comic, but refused to be credited as the author

The United States Copyright Office (USCO) is initiating proceedings to declare a comic created with the use of AI as not subject to copyright protection, although this right already extends to him.

The US Copyright Office has announced that while copyright will remain in effect until the proceedings are concluded (and the copyright applicant will also have the opportunity to respond to the proceedings), in order to receive protection formal copyright, the subject must be human, but not from a machine.

In September, Kris Kashtanova announced that she had received the Office copyright for her comic “Zarya of the Dawn,” a comic inspired by her late grandmother. Created the comic display using midjourneya program that creates digital images from descriptions (and it seems the author watched movies with Zendaya before that, as she bears an unmistakable resemblance). Kashtanova described herself as an “operational engineer” and explained that she sought copyright to “prove that we own the copyright when we do something with the help of AI.” And problems arose with this.

Zarya of the Dawn

» Art of artificial intelligence » is a work of art created as a result of AI machine learning, which means that a computer has studied information such as other artists’ previous work and artistic style, as well as character descriptions and images, and then created a new image . using this knowledge. They almost always come from humans, who often also give the machine specific instructions to create the artwork, but the end result is actually created by the computer/machine, in this case Midjourney.

Previously, the US Copyright Office had already denied copyright protection to works of art created with the use of AI technologies. For example, in 2022, when officials refused to protect Steven Thaler and his painting “A Recent Entry to Paradise”, created by an AI.

Zarya of the Dawn

However, in a post on her Facebook page, Kashtanova said she had been contacted by representatives of the Office to inform her that the organization had started proceedings to revoke copyright protection. They attributed this to the fact that the Bureau somehow failed to realize that it was Midjourney who created the artwork for the comic (although Midjourney is featured on the comic’s cover). The Copyright Office gave Kashtanova 30 days to appeal its decision, and during that process the copyright remains in effect.

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