“I wouldn’t do it again…”: Carolina Arregui’s confession after her participation in Gabriel Boric’s campaign

Carolina Arregui talked about everything during her participation in the debut of the second season of Grill Partners. He even recalled his participation in the presidential campaign of the current president, Gabriel Boric.

In fact, the actress was honest and shared a deep reflection on the matter, as she warned that it is a complicated issue for her.

“A public person, the truth is that you should not compromise,” he said at the outset.

And along the same lines, he added: “we have to be a kind of Don Francisco. Do not get into politics, religion, or football. One is due to all the people. You can have your own opinion, obviously, but today is so different”.

Arregui’s reflection

But that is not all. In addition, he revealed that after being part of said campaign, she was the victim of a series of criticisms and comments that affected her.

“I think I was not prepared, it really is very power,” he admitted.

“You have to take care of yourself a little more. There is a lot of violence, people react very aggressively. I said: Sorry if I did something wrong! But it is like that, ”she added.

Finally, he acknowledged that “basically for that reason I think I would not do it again, never again (…) Hopefully, whatever happens from now on, it will be the best for each of us.”

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