“I would have tried to link up…”: they affirm that Mauricio Isla’s ex “would have made eyes” at Jorge Valdivia

This Sunday, Sergio Rojas together with Paula Escobar and Luis Sandoval broadcast a new episode of What do I tell you?where they counted several “chips” of the national show business.

In the middle of the live, the journalist revealed a particular rumor that did not go unnoticed. Rojas assured that Mauricio Isla’s ex, Thati Lira, would be interested in another ex-soccer player.

According to the expanelista of beats me, after the break with Huaso, the Brazilian had every intention of resuming the relationship with the player from the Catholic University, visiting the same places that the soccer player frequents. However, Isla would not have the same plans.

Therefore, according to Sergio, Thati then would have noticed another former soccer player, a former teammate of Isla in the national team: Jorge “Mago” Valdivia.

“And since it seems that Mauricio Isla does not give him much ball, they say that he would have made eyes at him, that he would have tried, like linking up with Jorge Valdivia, nothing more and nothing less,” Rojas said, impacting his teammates in the broadcast.

However, the journalist did not provide more details about the cahuín that he told on the program.

It is worth mentioning that since his break with Daniela Aránguiz was confirmed, Jorge and the former Mekano They would have a good relationship and they went to spend the New Year’s Eve parties together in Miami, United States.

Watch the full program below: