“I would have acted the same”: White Honey did not save anything and sent a harsh message to Sergi Arola after his abrupt departure from The Disciple of the Chef

White Honey was one of the last eliminated from the Chilevisión cooking program, El Discípulo del Chef, all this happened after the young woman was left out of the space after testing positive for COVID-19.

After this, the personality commented that his departure had been unjustified. “I felt that the decision was tremendously unfair (…) I was very sorry, I was left with many emotional problems. It was a very bad decision, ”she commented in a conversation she had with Page 7.

After the abrupt departure of the influencer, the chef of the kitchen space, Sergi Arola, launched harsh comments about Miel’s reaction.

“Not everything revolves around the program and we had other commitments to fulfill. His reaction seems exaggerated to me when there were people who had to close restaurants as a result of COVID-19,” Arola said.

“In this case it was a lesser evil, because he was able to continue making his moves through social networks and the program gave him exposure,” indicated Sergi on that occasion.

White Honey’s powerful response to Sergi Arola

However, White Honey did not save anything and launched a powerful response through his Instagram account.

“I don’t know Sergi. I have had contact with him, but I have never been close and he does not know me either, ”she began by saying.

“I find it curious that he says that I am exaggerated, because I feel that when one speaks of exaggeration it is like the typical comment to minimize the pain or grief of others,” he said.

He also said that “I don’t think it’s like that. He is also super intense for his stuff and for cooking. I imagine that if the same thing had happened to him, he would have acted the same or even worse.

“I feel like it was such a big thing that he probably wanted to say something too, he wanted to show his opinion. Too bad,” said the influencer.

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