“I will never forgive myself”: He did not accompany his mother to a procedure and he missed meeting Messi at home

The opportunity of his life was lost by a 23-year-old Argentine who is currently still clutching his head. He could not accompany his mother to a procedure and the woman ended up at his house. Lionel Messi.

“My mother today asked me to accompany her to Funes to do a paperwork, she couldn’t and she ended up in the house of God. The literal ‘I missed school and Messi came’”, wrote the user @felascocco on Twitter. To verify the episode, he published photos and a video of his mother and her partner with the star.

“No, I don’t fall for it that today my old lady was inside the house of Lionel Andres Messi Cuccitini, the best player of all time,” he remarked. “I will never forgive myself,” he said, remembering that if he had agreed to accompany his mother, the story would be different.

As a step?

Asked on the social network about how his mother went to Messi’s house, he replied: “They were on the sidewalk across the street for a while, the two of them alone (his mother and her partner). Messi came out, signaled for them to come closer and they, sweeties, passed by. Lionel is the greatest thing there is, ”said the unfortunate man.

Of course, after a while he was optimistic and happy that his beloved parent had such an experience. “The joy that my mother has seen him covers my sadness of not seeing him (…) I’m going to meet him,” he said.