“I was very inspired…”: Marlen Olivari laughed with a funny snap from the beach

The showoman Marlen Olivari caused laughter on the web after sharing a curious recording from the beach where she gave a deep reflection that culminated in a funny joke.

Through her Instagram account, the former MCC shared a video enjoying the sea where she reflected on how well it connects with nature, when a wave hit near her, throwing her into the water and reacting with laughter.

“Did you know that we are electromagnetic, that the sun is electric, and the earth is magnetic? We are the connectors, the ones who connect…”, Olivarí reflected when the wave washed over her, taking it in a good way.

“Haha and I had this accident but I was very inspired by suggesting that they go to the coast of Chile, to the mountains or to a place with vegetation and nature that they walk barefoot on the sand, on the ground or on the grass so that they can connect with the Earth and the Sun, that they meditate and recharge all that electromagnetism connecting from the soul and from the depths of your being”, he pointed out in the description of the record.

“Be grateful to be alive every day, to be able to laugh, to be able to love and ask that your most powerful wishes come true. I’m sure it works, ahhhh!!!! And never forget your sense of humor, live with a smile and ALWAYS a lot of joy, ”she added, receiving amusing reactions.

Look the following video: