“I was in a lot of pain”: Karen Doggenweiler suffered a heavy fall at the start of Telethon 2022

Karen Doggenweiler had a rough start at the beginning of the Telethon 2022 broadcasts. The entertainer removed the dirt on the stage of the Telethon theater during the first testimony of the tiktoker Joseph Rivas.

The host of Mega’s morning show was one of those in charge of animating the first night of the solidarity crusade together with Martín Cárcamo.

Although the moment went unnoticed by many, it was she herself who revealed what happened during the broadcast. “Be careful there because there is gasoline that came out, I already fell, I already bought the studio,” she joked while they talked with the young tiktoker.

However, in a conversation with radio dna, Karen revealed that she was left with a sore arm from the accident, so she should visit a doctor as soon as possible. “Was strong. There was gasoline left over from the overture… from the fire number,” she explained.

For his part, Martín Cárcamo, who helped Karen to stand up after the accident, assured that “he fell very badly, he was in a lot of pain.”

The natural blonde then revealed that after the fall, “we got the ibuprofen shot for the pain in that minute.”

“And the super brave Karen, because she fell very hard and kept going the same way cheering. But she fell with the full weight of her body backwards. In fact, now I’m going to go see her… They already called a doctor…” Cárcamo closed.