“I wanted to direct in Chile; I sent emails to the 32 clubs”

A few days ago, Nelson Tapia drew attention on social networks. The former Chile goalkeeper at the 1998 World Cup in France wrote on Twitter that he was looking for a job as a coach. The repercussions here in the country were immediate and the current DT, who now resides in Ecuador, spoke about the matter in La Tercera.

“When I was in Chile I wanted to direct. It seems to me that I sent emails to the 32 clubs in Chile that existed at that time between first and second. I spoke with all the sports managers and I looked for all the alternatives to be able to work, “said Tapia.

“Since I don’t have a representative, I don’t deal with anyone, I threw that tweet away. But it’s half joking, half serious and I saw the reactions. That’s just so you can see the work I’m doing. Sometimes people don’t notice. But it had repercussions and we’ll see what will happen”, added the former goalkeeper of O’Higgins, UC, Unión Española and Cobreloa, in Chile.

Tapia began his stage in Ecuador as a goalkeeper coach in Barcelona de Guayaquil. Later, he worked as a DT in teams of the local minor categories.

“The idea is to stay (in Ecuador). I have been three years in Guayaquil and I spent a year in Loja, which is totally different because of the climate, the altitude issue as well. But I feel that in Quito I have more job options, there are more clubs, it is much more competitive, there is much more football”, said the Chilean.

“From here I am going to wait, because I still have to see my contractual situation, because I have a contract with Libertad de Loja until 2023. So far I haven’t had any problems, but I have to finish that to see where I’ll get to”, added, finally, the national DT.