“I want to get married in Italy in the future, because…”: Pancha Merino’s sincere confession about her marriage

The actress Francisca Merino launched an unfiltered confession during her participation in the program We can talkconducted by Jean Philippe Cretton.

After showing her the words of Cecilia Gutiérrez, who revealed that Pancha’s marriage to Andrea Marocchino had been suspended, the actress explained what happened to her wedding.

“It got complicated. We decided to get married before the (Russian-Ukrainian) war and after the war things changed in Europe, all costs went up by 50%.

Along the same lines, he assured that “there are also personal situations that I have not yet legally closed. So we decided to do it at some quieter time and not in a rush, with stress.”

“I believe that getting married is a very important pass, it has to be done from joy, from fun and not from duty,” he added.

Pancha also explained that there were some details with her ex-husband that she had to resolve to make everything calmer.

But it was not all, the economic issue also complicated several of the guests, who mentioned that they could not go because everything was more expensive in the old continent.

“Even my mom started, who for me was the most important person to be, ‘mijita, I’m sick, now there’s covid, imagine me at 85 years old, something happens to me’ (…) Which is true. Marriage sucks. No. Mommy I love you. Nothing will ever happen to you, because we are all praying for you,” Pancha commented.

Finally, jokingly, the actress released an unfiltered confession about the guests at her wedding in her partner’s country of origin.

“That’s why I want to get married in Italy in the future, because I don’t want anyone to go. Let Andrea’s friends go and bye. Because I already got married with 400 guests, and when I separated, who was there? Not one!” sentenced Pancha Merino.