“I touched her lips…”: Nataly Chilet surprised after remembering the day she kissed Felipe Camiroaga

A forgotten revelation was the one made this week by Nataly Chilet in the Follow me and I follow you program, where she appears as a panelist.

It all arose when in the TV+ space they analyzed the interview of Eduard Fuentes with Bárbara Rebolledo in the Good night everyone, where he told details of his love affair with Felipe Camiroaga.

In the middle of the talk, Chilet recalled a situation that he starred in with the late TVN host.

“I touched his lips,” said the journalist, who immediately hurried to explain the context of the kiss.

“What happens is that we did the motel route together, so we went to several motels every week. Therefore, it was a kiss for television only, ”she clarified.

And along the same lines, he added: “He was cute, mino, great, but he was a little bit for TV, no more.”

“I went to the Valdivia Hotel and got into a jacuzzi with Felipe Camiroaga, but in a bathing suit, obviously,” he revealed about the invalidated moment they shared.

Camiroaga’s departure

Later, Nataly remembered what happened when she found out about the tragic departure of the “Halcón”.

“It happened to me that when Felipe died, I was dating, in a relationship for several years. I cried so much that the partner I had at the time, since I had worked with Felipe, told me ‘I know you went out with him,’” she declared.

“I swear I never had anything with him, but I was so sorry and I had such a bad time because of the situation that people tend to speculate that if you worked with him, you went out with him,” he concluded.