“I took my shell out…”: Teresita Reyes suffered a serious accident and revealed the drama she experienced in the clinic

The actress Teresita Reyes experienced an unfortunate situation a few days ago in the center of Santiago, when she suffered a sharp fall that left her face injured.

“I have missed them a lot, I have not done many things live because I got rid of the contumelia. Look, this is what remains, here are the points, ”she began by recounting in an Instagram live.

He said that a week ago he went to the dentist and came out with a very swollen face. “I parked my car in the Ñuñoa Civil Registry, which is a huge parking lot. I enter, all regal, greeting, I love you, I love you and that’s it! I take off the conchemimadre ”, she recounted.

“But terrible, with blood, with water, with all the people helping me… no, it was a disaster,” added the actress. She was immediately taken to the emergency room because she had hit her head and had a tear in her face. “My daughter saw me come in, all bruised, with blood, why am I telling you the clothes…”, she recalled.

He explained that he spent about 45 minutes in the emergency room at the Santa María Clinic, where he had tests, X-rays, and a “cosmetic operation” on his nose because his glasses were embedded.

He “died” with the clinic account

Once the worst was over, Teresita found out how much she had to pay. There she started another drama.

“I arrive and ask for the bill. There I died. She came out stratospheric, almost a million pesos for three quarters of an hour ”and that of that amount she had to pay 400 Lucas. She found out that her accident insurance expired when she turned 70.

To make matters worse, he walked around the four buildings of the clinic asking about the insurance and about another doctor who would remove the stitches, the one he never caught.

What’s more, he lost the parking ticket and later he couldn’t find his car. She “she was busted. I came out cracking, idiot, ”she lamented.