“I told him that the gate is big to go in and to go out”

pablo aranguiz He is one of Ñublense’s reinforcements for the 2023 season. The footballer comes from a difficult year at Universidad de Chile, with little continuity and a noisy episode with a security guard at a party.

I come hungry and wanting to demonstrate”pointed out the 25-year-old midfielder in his presentation at the Chillanejo club, which will make its debut in the Copa Libertadores.

In an interview with LUN, jamie garciathe Ñublense coach, revealed the conversation he had with Aránguiz, upon his arrival in Chillán.

“I told them to let it work, that it was the only way I had to reinvent it. And that, if not, I told him that the gate is big to enter and to leave, to leave the ego outside “pointed out the DT.

García has recovered several players who were going through a bad time and one of the emblematic cases is that of Nicolás Guerra, who has now returned to the University of Chile. “I read him the primer, but nothing extra, I always believe half of what is said about the players, they always put a little more or less,” he says.

“I am not going to bring a player to put him under the yoke either. He will not be in jail. If he fails, he doesn’t think ‘wow the teacher is going to take me out’. If I bring him, it’s for him to enjoy, to recover physically and psychologically and to tell me ‘teacher, I’m growing up, changing my mistakes’, because it’s not always one, something must have triggered his behavior. Let him play how he wants ”the coach ends.