“I see a lot of men claiming…”: Belenaza’s commented defense against Shakira’s critics

A wave of comments generated the national comedian Belén Mora, after referring to the recent Shakira’s song against Piqué.

Through Twitter, the comedian targeted users who criticize the Colombian singer for her series of topics about the media break with the Spanish soccer player.

“I see a lot of men claiming because Shakira has three songs pointing to Piqué,” wrote the former MCC. Immediately afterwards, she implied the repercussions and questions to Jorge González for the album “Corazones” were not the same. “They are made of cardboard,” shot Mora.


As expected, Belenaza’s tweet gave way to a series of responses from his followers. While some agreed with him, others rejected the comparison.

“Jorge González wrote the album hearts for his friend’s ex and he had to sing them for years! Ahh but there everyone be quiet”, “Shakira marketing music, González real music”, “Let’s not compare Jorge Gonzalez with Hechatira”, “What happens is that not everyone knows that the entire album speaks of a single person, the someone’s wife” and “Listen to that record well, it’s great. Not like Shakira’s obsession with Piqué. Terrible, just marketing”, were some of the reactions.