“I saw high-calibre photos…”: Marlen Olivari’s unfiltered comment to Marocchino when she met him and that involved a scandal with Cecilia Bolocco

Marlen Olivari did not save anything during her participation this Tuesday in Juego Textual, where he told details of his love story with Luciano Marocchino.

In fact, the showoman rewound the cassette and told details of how she met the Italian, who shortly before had starred in a controversy with Cecilia Bolocco after the paparazzi that they did in 2007 and where both appeared in an intimate situation.

According to her story, the first time she saw the businessman was in a hotel in Punta Cana, where she was after being hired to host some summer events.

“My assistant tells me: ‘There is Luciano Marochino.’ A little while ago there had been the scandal in Miami with our Miss Universe,” recalled the former Morandé with Company on the Channel 13 program. “I replied: ‘I know something about him because he is a friend of my brother-in-law,'” he revealed about that situation. .

Then, to get Marocchino into conversation, he reminded him of the episode he faced with Bolocco. “We went to the VIP lounge. I said: ‘Hello, are you Luciano? It’s just that I didn’t recognize you with clothes’. He turned super red. The canchero was made, ”said Marlen.

He even said that after that entry, he continued trolling him with what happened with Cecilia. “I told him: ‘I saw more photos that did not appear in the press, and that are of a high caliber.’ It was a gossip (…) I stopped the topic there, because I was being very heavy, and I changed the topic, ”Olivari closed.