“I put aside my human dignity”: Pablo Aguilera explains his absence from the radio after being hospitalized

During the morning of this Tuesday, the announcer Pablo Aguilera confirmed that he remains hospitalized.

“Nothing serious, they are just exams, so I hope to be back as soon as possible. Right now they are taking me out of the room and they are taking me to an exam place, ”said the journalist in dialogue with his daughter Daniela Aguilera, in“ Good morning Chile, Good morning Pudahuel ”.

“What happens is that my dad is hospitalized and he will be out this week, because he just has to do a pile of tests that we had pending, but that have to be done more or less quickly,” explained Dani.

“We love you for a long time”

As a joke, the renowned communicator added: “I have become a patient and I have put aside my human dignity.”

“Oh, dad, don’t put it on. Having medical tests is fine and it is perfect that you take it responsibly because we love you for a long time, “replied her daughter.

It should be remembered that, at the beginning of September, the communicator made news after arriving at La Moneda to be a privileged witness of the first cabinet change of President Gabriel Boric. In the instance, his daughter Ximena Aguilera took over as Minister of Health.