“I prefer to be less than stellar but decent”: Sergio Rojas’s acid criticism for the possible arrival of two well-known faces to the new Me Late

The abrupt end of I beat and the departure of Daniel Fuenzalida from TV+ left no one indifferent. There have been different television figures who have raised their voices due to the drastic decision made by the channel.

The program’s ex-panelist, Sergio Rojas, gave the details of the backroom of the end of space during the live broadcast of I tell you Sunday night.

One of the topics that the journalist told was that a TV+ executive wanted to remove the program’s panelists from the screen, especially him and Luis Sandoval, because, according to what he said, they were too “low profile” for the new millionaire set design of the space.

He also said that they had in mind to bring a controversial television figure to the program and that Daniel Fuenzalida did not agree with the idea. It was nothing more and nothing less than Raquel Argandoña.

This Monday, the middle The Dynamo revealed that two well-known faces would join the project that would be the new Me Late on TV + and would replace Fuenzalida: Raquel Argandoña and Jose Miguel Viñuela.

“I’d rather be less than stellar…”

Rojas was not indifferent to the news and reacted with an acid criticism through his social networks. On his Instagram stories, he shared a screenshot of the note.

“Faces that for the executive are more stellar for his set design!” the journalist pointed out at the outset.

Along the same lines, he added that “I prefer to be less than stellar but decent and I hope that with what they will pay they will equal the salaries of faces and improve those of the technicians.”

Rojas had assured that Fuenzalida was not comfortable with a possible arrival of Argandoña due to the high salary that she would ask for.

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