“I met your mother”: the emotional moment that Miguelo lived with Tita Ureta in Textual Game

The singer Miguelo was the most recent guest on the program Text Gamewhere he talked about different moments of his professional and personal life.

The artist was honest about his friendship and estrangement with Negro Piñeraand also starred in an emotional moment with one of the space’s panelists, Tita Ureta.

It all started when they asked him which of the members of the panel would go to pass the dog to the square. It was then that Miguelo chose Tita, but he explained that he had a heartfelt reason for choosing her.

“Do you know why? They are all thinking differently, I think, but do you know why? Because I met your mom. And she was as pretty as you, ”replied the singer, surprising Tita.

Along the same lines, he added: “This youth in the fifth region brings me very good memories. And your mother was beautiful, and she met your father, who I find extraordinary, a noble rooster, with a heart like that, immense”.

“And your mother, since you look so much like her, I would come to take you out with the puppy to explain what your mother is like,” explained Miguelo.

“I knew my mom very little”

For her part, Tita pointed out, moved by the singer’s words, that “I feel I am left with that doubt, there are few people I have a relationship with today who met my mother. She was super viñamarina”

“Some day we are going to have a coffee so you can tell me what it was like,” the journalist promised.

Likewise, Miguelo told him that “I know you more than you think, through your father too. I have followed your career and you do not know the resemblance you have physically, and I think you came out very similar to her, in the spiritual sense.

“We would have a nice conversation, I knew my mother very little, I knew her for three years, I don’t even remember,” said Tita, noting that sometimes she received messages on social networks from people who knew her.

Finally, Miguelo commented that “I always have the image of your mother because she was one of the most beautiful women in the fifth region.”

It is worth mentioning that Tita’s mother, Paulina Fischer, died when the communicator was three years old as a result of breast cancer. Since then, it was her father, Emeterio Ureta, who was in charge of raising her and her brother.