“I made all the mistakes”: Jordi Castell’s sincere confession about the reasons for his breakup with Juan Pablo Montt

This Friday a new chapter of We can talk which featured the participation of Jordi Castell, Yamila Reyna, Paty Cofré, Mauricio Flores and Arturo Guerrero.

The former First Plane, Jordi Castell, spoke in depth with Jean Philippe Cretton and was honest about his divorce with Juan Pablo Montt, making a sincere mea culpa for the end of the relationship.

At the beginning, the photographer started by pointing out how he learned to let go of some people and some situations. “In my case, I’m talking about a super personal matter, I decided to save myself (…) from bitterness, negativity,” Jordi said at the outset.

“I take full responsibility”

Later in the conversation, the driver asked him directly: “How difficult is it to close a marriage cycle? You said you had made up your mind. I imagine it was complex.”

“It was not complex and it was never terrible, because all the mistakes were made by me, I was very stubborn. Life gave me signs from the first moment”, answered Castell honestly.

After this, Cretton commented that “by saying that this was not complex or easy, it gives the feeling that you were never in love.”

“I would have loved to be, I fought to be, I thought that if I got married things could improve, I don’t want to blame anyone here, I take full responsibility for the things that happened,” confessed Jordi.

Along the same lines, he added that “the signals I received in Chiloé were precisely to start letting go, and I started to let go, and I saw that by letting go I was healing and that by healing me, I was moving away from what was hurting me and I was leaving. approaching what was good for me”.

We can talk (CHV)

Finally, Jordi gave the reasons for the marital breakdown with her ex-husband, Juan Pablo Montt. “We got along terrible, I think that’s the problem, that we had nothing to do with each other, in fact, I told him the day we parted ways, neither he nor I are bad people, but we did not get along well ”, confessed the ex-commentator.

“Everything was against it, a difficulty, it was all a conflict. I don’t want to judge the things I did or said, nor those of the other side, but I understand that this is a television program and my last romance attracted much more attention from the press because it was more exposed, but that’s not why it was my relationship more important, I’m sorry, but no,” he concluded.