“I looked for help…”: Pablo Vargas worries his followers after sharing a video with strange messages

Concern was generated by the former Red boy, Pablo Vargas, among his followers on social networks.

On his Instagram account, the dancer published an extensive video where he interacted with his fans and shared different messages and answers that left several doubts. In fact, more than one user told him that he was “high”.

“For the badly spoken I am eating gum. Those ‘it’s blown’ comments… you know what? I connected because I went back to TikTok and I did the look for TikTok”, clarified the artist.

“You know what? I do not criticize anyone, but my private life is my private life, “she added later, before the series of questions.

“You have brain problems”, wrote a user who followed her live. He replied, “Sorry, no. Can you give me a rationale? For the rest, if I have brain problems, I inform you that more than 60% of the national population suffers from mental health problems, so that of brain problems what yes, I am so big that I already have help.

“Whoever wants to say that I’m high… the truth is, yes, I looked for help, I’m working on it. Today I decided to enter TikTok because I liked it, I found it entertaining. What I loved the most is that everyone dances, ”she added later.

As the minutes passed, Vargas dedicated a series of messages to those who watched his video: “How nice to see them, listen to them, that they criticize me. Pablo Vargas never cared what they say about him, because nobody gave me what I have done. Of course I’m human, I make mistakes like everyone else.”

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