“I learned many things…”: Thati Lira was honest about her sentimental status

The dancer Thati Lira surprised after referring to her sentimental status after revealing days ago that he was still in contact with Mauricio “Huaso” Isla, despite ending his romance.

Through a conversation with the show Más Vivi que Nunca, the influencer addressed various topics such as her work project “Date Me”, among other topics, as well as how her heart is after ending with the footballer.

It all started when Vivi Kreutzberger asked him what topics he addressed in his talks on female empowerment.

“What is most talked about is mainly couple relationships, how to deal with separations, things that are happening as a couple. At first I laughed because he said I separated from my first husband about four times, but I tried, “said Lira.

“I do not have a couple”

“And today do you have a partner?” Asked the cheerleader straight to the point. “Not today, I don’t have a partner, but I learned many things from the relationships I had during my life, they were few, but important… and they ask me about that,” said the Brazilian without delving into her last relationship.

A few days ago, the dancer was honest about her relationship with Huaso Isla, stating that they “liked each other too much”, that they got along well and maintained their affection and respect despite the break.

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