“I hope Croatia scores four…”: the incendiary phrase of a Spanish journalist who caused a rash among Argentines

Argentina and Croatia are already warming up for the duel this Tuesday for the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

And as expected, there are many who have declared their favorite to go to the final of the planetary event. For example, one who did not save anything and the film is clear in the face of the transcendental duel is Juanma Rodríguez, a journalist for the Spanish program El Chiringuito.

Without mincing words, the communicator put all his chips on the team led by Luka Modrić to the detriment of the Albiceleste team.

In fact, in the sports space he launched a striking phrase that caused hives among Argentine fans.

“I hope and wish that Croatia will score four for them. And if they are lucky enough to go to the final… let France be the one who scores six for them, ”said the controversial communicator without a filter.

And along the same lines, he insisted: “and if Croatia puts four on them, what I would like is for Luka Modric to do this, although it is impossible”, he said, referring to the gestures of the coaching team for Scaloni after beating the Netherlands in the penalty shootout. “And if they go to the final, let the French do it to them,” added Rodríguez.

Immediately afterwards, he stopped at the controversial quarter key between Argentines and tulips.

“It seems unpresentable to me, you cannot defend everything. I understand that an Argentine feels identified with this. It is hard for me to see Matías Palacios (an Argentine partner in the program), who is a gentleman, defending this”. “But it’s soccer Juanma!” The aforementioned defended himself.

“This is anti football and anti fair play. I already wanted them to get four, but with Friday they reconverted planet Earth and in the semifinals it will be Argentina against the rest of the world. Croatia should take off their shirt and wear a UN shirt, because they are defending the rest of the world. Karma exists and it’s going to happen to them!” Juanma concluded.

The controversial comment