“I have full of insults in Spanish …”: fans were confused by Claudio Borghi and attack their Italian namesake

This Sunday Colo Colo was able to lower the star 33. He had the party set up: the Monumental Stadium to the flags and opposite, the second in the table, his unexpected rival this season, Curicó Unido. A victory would be enough for them to turn around in advance… but it was not like that.

In a game full of arbitration controversies, the whites barely got parity by the minimum against the torteros, and in the transmission of TNT Sportsan exalbo, the Argentine Claudio “Bichi” Borghi, was the one who took all the prizes.

It happens that the fans were apparently not satisfied with the comments of the ex-selected albiceleste during the commitment and they were downloaded on social networks.

The specific issue is that several of them did it by stealing an account that finally turned out not to be theirs. Of course, they did not realize that “Bichi” has the same name as an Italian deputy, a member of the far-right political party Lega.

Thus, once the commitment was completed, Claudio Borghi Aquilini, @borghi_claudio on Twitter, gave a humorous opinion on the situation.

“I think my ex-soccer player namesake is commenting on some important game in Chile,” he said at first, and then added: “I have the TL (timeline) full of insults in Spanish.”

A tragicomic scenario that, although now the Italian deputy preferred to take it with yuppie, reveals another reality of social networks…

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