“I have called him several times…”: Don Francisco’s message to Bad Bunny after his concert in Chile

Don Francisco visited the study of Meganews Alert this Saturday morning to talk with Rodrigo Sepúlveda about the Telethon, which will take place on November 4 and 5.

In addition to the “slap on the wrist” of the animator to the channel for the little support for the solidarity crusadealso recalled his interview in 2018 with the singer of the moment: Bad Bunny.

Before he was a world star, Mario Kreutzberger invited the Puerto Rican to his program Don Francisco Te Invita to talk about his musical career. This Friday night, the bad rabbit did the first of the two shows he has scheduled at the National Stadium.

“Are we going to go to the Bad Bunny recital today, Mario?” Sepu joked.

Given this, Don Francis sent a message to the bad rabbit for their first meeting. “When you talk to Bad Bunny, tell him that I was the first to take him to television and then it cost me, I have never been able to talk to him again,” the animator launched.

“Remember that I went out everywhere (with my fingers under my eyes). And he was very nice Bad Bunny, he has a very different personality from the one we know him, which is quite aggressive. Nerd. He was also with a nun I remember in that program, “said the animator.

Likewise, he recalled the story of Benito Martínez before fame, noting that “it was very interesting, because it comes from absolute modesty. He was one of the people who helps to carry the packages in a supermarket and that’s when they began to listen to him, imagine what it has come to, “she commented.

After this, the driver took the opportunity to send a complaint to the singer for forgetting who took him to the small screen for the first time.

“You forgot it…”

“But maybe there he listens, since he is in Chile, he calls me on the phone because I have called him several times… but then he did not answer me. But I said ‘well, if he didn’t answer me, it’s because he doesn’t want to answer me,’” Don Francis launched.

Then, he added that “perhaps now, since this program has a rating, someone tells him ‘hey, Bad Bunny, you forgot that Don Francisco took you to television for the first time'”.

Finally, he concluded that perhaps the Puerto Rican “perhaps makes a good greeting for the Telethon, or sends a good ticket.”

The bad rabbit has added this Saturday night the second and last concert in Chile at the National Stadium.