“I have Argentine nationality, but Chilean blood”: the goalkeeper who seeks to shine in 2023

Fernando Otárola is convinced that this could be his year. Therefore, when he received the call from Unión La Calera to form the team’s squad, he did not even think about it. “I didn’t doubt it for a moment. I really wanted to come and play in Chile, so I informed the coaching staff that I wanted to join the team. The preseason in San Luis was defined in the schedule, for which I took the car in Buenos Aires and drove 10 hours to join the squad, ”he told AS.

At 36, he knows the position very well and has been surprised by his quick adaptation: he started in the debut against Cobresal, leaving Omar Carabalí on the bench. We have a great coexistence, and we give ourselves 100% ”, reflects the goal, who is also known as Goku. “The person who knows me by that nickname is because he knew me as a boy (smiles).” Within hours of the second duel for the tournament against Everton, the goalkeeper talks about everything.

– You have dual nationality: you are Argentine-Chilean. What is your link?

Due to fate, when my mother -who is Chilean- was pregnant, she traveled to Argentina, where my grandmother lived, and that’s why I was born there. I have Argentine nationality, but Chilean blood.

– While playing in Argentina. Did you constantly visit Chile?

– Almost always. It happens that my family is originally from San Bernardo and every summer as a family we came to vacation. I have always been and will always be linked to my country of blood.

– In 2017 you already played in Chilean soccer: you went through Deportes Temuco. What do you remember from that stage?

– I came to the team through coach Dalcio Giovagnoli, who is now at Rangers. The team had just been promoted to the First Division and we had a great championship. We even managed to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana, the first for the team in its history.


– For the next season, you returned to Argentine soccer. Why didn’t you continue in Temuco?

– I wanted to continue. We had everything coordinated with the club and I was going to sign the extension of my contract back from vacation. However, the coach at that time (Miguel Ponce) resigned from his position and a new DT arrived with his people, and with a goalkeeper he trusted.

– After his desire to return to Chilean football. Did he have any other offers from the national market after returning to Argentina?

– Yes, there was a proposal. When I was in Communications (2019) there was an offer from Rangers, where almost everything was arranged. But on that date with the Argentine team we were fighting for promotion, for which the club raised the amount of the transfer and Rangers gave up.

– With the consummated return, how do you face this second cycle in Chile?

– I want to settle down and enjoy my stay in Unión La Calera. I played almost my entire career in the Argentine league, which is very demanding football, and I had this desire to return to Chile. It is a country that I really like and I am going to do my best so that my team does well.