“I have acted correctly …”: outrage after father’s story after fierce beating of his tennis player daughter

During the last few hours, Serbian anti-child abuse activist Igor Juric shared the outrageous record of a tennis coach hitting his female student -which is also his daughter- until leaving her lying on the ground.

The terrible act of abuse against the 14-year-old girl occurred in Belgrade, Serbia. “I can say that I am a little shocked, this is one of the many terrible things we have seen,” Juric wrote alongside the video.

And along the same lines, he added: “it is important to see how the institutions will react, because it is a foreign citizen.”

The record shows how the man kicked his student and slapped her twice before she sat down and burst into tears. He then grabs her by the sweater and throws her to the ground to continue beating her.

unusual explanation

After the commotion generated by the event, the man justified his actions before the First General Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, where he revealed that his intention was for the young woman to continue with the training. For the same reason, being disobeyed by her, he began to hit her but “never with the intention of hurting her.”

“I think I have acted correctly because this is allowed in China,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that the aggressor is currently in detention.