“I had never played there”: the surprising change of Carlos Palacios

Last weekend there was a new day of the B-series of Brazilian Y Carlos Palacios added minutes again. After overcoming a rebellious injury, the Chilean came on from the bench in the last two league games.

In fact, Palacios was essential last Saturdayday in which he played the entire second half, performing surprisingly as a ‘double six’ and being very active in the game in which Vasco da Gama won 2-1 to Criciuma.

The ‘Gigante da Colina’ was one point away from signing his return to Serie A and this situation was addressed by palaces beside AS Chile.

– This victory brings them closer to the great objective of the season, which is promotion. What is the balance it makes?

– Yes, the truth is that we are very close to the objective that we set for ourselves since I arrived here. I came to seek promotion with Vasco, so I am very happy and very happy for everything that is happening with this group, which is really wonderful and deserves it.

– He had some physical complications, he overcame them and played the entire second half. How did she feel?

– Good. She had a problem with her knee and pubis. It bothered me a bit to play, but the truth is that I’m fine now, working hard and thank God I was able to play for a while to help the team, which was the most important thing.

– How did you feel in this ‘new position’, closer to the defensive midfielder and being the team’s first outing?

– Good. It is a strange middle position for me, I had never played there, I had to play with Sport Recife (on Sunday, October 16), the teacher liked how I did it and now he repeated. The truth is that, luckily, the team was able to turn the game around. I am very happy for what is happening with me now.