“I had many disappointments…”: Marlen Olivari’s crude confession about the darkest stage of her life

During the night of this Sunday, Marlen Olivari will be the great guest to a new chapter of De tú a tú, a program hosted by Martín Cárcamo.

And in that instance, the showoman will remember her origins, when in the mid-90s she began appearing in commercials and beauty contests. “The brunette in Chile was the black one, in Chile the protagonists of all the commercials were blondes with blue eyes and a turned-up nose, hopefully, white skin. With the success that I had on TV, I feel that I vindicated the dark-haired woman”, the former Morandé with Company will explain.

In addition, Marlen will also remember her great moment in 1995, when she took first place in Miss Hawaiian Tropic. “It excites me, because I was always the black girl in the house, the curly one. Many people criticize beauty pageants but I have always supported them because for me it was a great springboard that opened many doors for me and reinforced my self-esteem, “she will reflect.

But that is not all. Olivari will also address the time when excessive exposure took its toll on her career, coinciding with her mediatic marriage and subsequent divorce from his manager, Roberto Dueñas.

“It was something that affected me a lot. I don’t regret anything, but I think I was very confident too. I had many disappointments from people I trusted a lot, super ugly things that I didn’t want to remember. I think she was not well advised, the worst thing that can happen to a person is to be surrounded by bad people, ”she will remember.

The intimate confessions of Marlen Olivari

As she will reveal, her family was in charge of saving her at her lowest point. “They told me that I was not like that, what was happening to me, why I cried all day, and they were realizing that the environment was wrong. One day my mom came to my house and I received her in my pajamas, because she had just gotten divorced and I spent several days in my pajamas. My mom arrives and she challenged me: ‘What are you doing lying down? Are you going to spend your life crying lying down? I want to tell you one thing: I didn’t have weak daughters, so you get up, wash your face and smile again’. I think it has been the most important sentence of my life, ”she will confess.

Regarding her relationship with Marocchino, meanwhile, she will assure that age has never been an issue for her. Nor the previous relationships of Luciano, who is the father of three children with three different women. Even, he will tell, they get together every summer to talk in Europe. “I have been super cool with everyone. What I like is to live in harmony, that we all laugh and are happy, ”she will tell, among other things.

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