I had it saved: Francisco Sagredo reveals controversial episode with Carlos Heller in Mega

During Sports AgricultureFrancisco Sagredo recalled an anecdote that he lived with Carlos Hellen, former president of Azul Azul, when the journalist worked at Mega.

“Shall I tell you one? I am going to tell you with name, surname and channel. I was a commentator for Mega, owned by Mr. Carlos Heller, and I had to prepare a special if the U was champion, all logical if the owner of the channel was the owner of the team as well, and they put me to drive it and comment on it, “he began the communicator.

As Sagredo added, the situation arose after he commented that “he was a champion of the U who was a leader throughout the tournament, it was a short tournament, and my phrase was “fair champion of the U, leader throughout the tournament, a pity that a tournament is defined by a non-existent penalty”, that was my sentence. Well, there were disturbances in the property of the television station and that year I did not renew”.

Pancho Sagredo came to Mega in 2013 to fulfill duties as a sports commentator and news host, but did not renew his contract in 2015.

“I have some records where it says “you have to be hue… to say that”. She didn’t tell me directly, she told someone else in an interview. Heller was annoyed that I had said that it had not been criminal and it was my opinion, but well, ”she closed.

The situation continued with a series of reactions from the other panelists, to later continue with the arrival of Leandro Benegas and Colo Colo.