“I had five robberies on me”: Sabrina Sosa made an impact by revealing the drastic decision she made for crime

Sabrina Sosa visited the program more alive than ever to chat with Vivi Kreutzberger and made a shocking revelation that did not go unnoticed.

The trans-Andean woman confessed to having been a victim of crime on different occasions, which pushed her to make a drastic decision in order to defend herself and her little son.

“We are really living in a country that is being very insecure. The truth is that I have become stronger in terms of not being afraid, in thinking about strategies, ”said Sabrina, adding that she wanted to have a plan.

“I prefer to be prepared”

He also revealed that he suffered a gate slam and another robbery at home, about which he did not want to go into details. “Both things make me understand that I had to improve the security of my house, put cameras,” she assured.

“I try not to say it because there are people who take it for better or for worse, but recently I took a self-defense course, but with weapons, with a handgun. I don’t have one, but before everything gets complicated and it may be necessary to have one, “revealed the influencer.

The model also recalled that she had a very traumatic robbery in which her son was involved. “When I went to the psychologist I realized that she had had five robberies and all of them were serious,” revealed Sabrina.

“That made me think a little colder. Likewise, when there is a robbery I act coldly, that’s how it turns out for me, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect me. And the first robbery I witnessed was when I was 11 years old with a weapon,” Sosa confessed.

“In the world we are living in today, I prefer to be prepared and if one day it is necessary, to know that I can at least defend my son,” concluded the influencer.

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