“I had depression; I didn’t want to go out on the street”: Vargas’ shocking confession

Eduardo Vargas made a shocking confession this Thursday. The Chilean striker spoke with the Brazilian media Sport Balloon and recounted how he has suffered after his expulsion in the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals, when his team, Atlético Mineiro, was eliminated by Palmeiras. From then on, he was no longer considered in the citations and also received a financial fine from his own club.

“After the expulsion, I fell into depression. I felt like I didn’t want anything. He didn’t want to go out, he didn’t want to go to the supermarket. Even for my children to come over the weekend,” said ‘Turboman’, who has also had to deal with the anger of the ‘Galo’ fanswho still haven’t forgiven him for his negative performance in the duel against ‘Verdao’.

The Chilean national team delved into the reason for his discomfort: “We stayed here with my friends, their children. We went out here to the playground, and I could have taken them to the mall. Anywhere for them to enjoy. But he didn’t feel like it. Because I knew that maybe Atlético, the fan, would look at me differently”.

Finally, he was aware of the bad football moment he is experiencing and declared: “I am focused on reversing this entire situation. Trying, in these last three months, to be summoned again and show all the desire I have to change the situation. And then the club will say if I’m okay. If they want me, I’ll stay.”

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