“I follow her on Instagram, but I don’t like her”: Repenning reveals her platonic love for a Chilean TV model

In a new edition of Tu Día, Priscilla Vargas and José Luis Repenning played it out and made a list of national and international conquests with whom they would have a slip.

While Pri assured that his top was headed by Ricky Martin and Jorge Zabaleta, Repe replied that Mónica Bellucci and Jennifer Aniston drew several sighs from him. Of course, the journalist was surprised to reveal that his platonic love was a renowned Chilean television model.

In a dialogue with Nacho Gutiérrez, an entertainment journalist who visited Channel 13’s morning show, the former host of Meganoticias highlighted the beauty of Argentine Vanessa Borghiwho shined in Morandé with Company.

“She is regal, I send her a lot of love. With respect”, Repe clarified.

“And if Vanesa Borghi calls you on Tuesday and invites you to eat?” Nacho asked.

“I would be embarrased. Put yourself in my place. A statuesque woman with this worst is nothing, ”replied the communicator.

Nacho Gutierrez: Look at the look you have.

Jose Luis Repenning: Please don’t put me in this situation. No, great Vanessa. I follow her on Instagram, but I don’t like her photos, because I think it’s being like half a jote. She always looks great, modeling.