“I felt very uncomfortable…”: Josefa Isensee revealed the reasons that led her to walk away from the screen

Former Miss Chile and model who was all the rage in the 80s, Josefa Isensee surprised after appearing on television revealing why she left show business.

Through a conversation with the Santa Moda program on Canal Vive, the model opened up about various topics, including the reasons that led her to leave the screen for more than 15 years.

“The fashion on television is over, and everything went more to entertainment. The parades are over and everything came from outside, one has to know how to burn stages, I met my husband and I stepped aside, “she said.

“Things happened to me with characters who are now on television and who thought of me without knowing me, with double meanings and rude things that tired me,” Isensee confessed, surprising with his sayings.

“A very aggressive situation”

“The last time I went to a star show, there was an entertainer on television, who is still in force, who when he saw me, told me ‘there is the woman who likes the butt… the Cachantún’. At that moment I told the director that I was leaving, I left. I felt very uncomfortable. It was a very aggressive situation, ”she assured without giving the name of the subject.

“I had the need to work, but I had to opt for a more private life. Some journalists saturated me and even published that I believed death and the truth that I did not want to talk to anyone, “recalled the former model.

“Now I feel that it is returning to what was before, I would like to start doing things, be the face of some brands, in my niche there is a space and a field that is being considered again,” he added, opening the door to new projects.

Check out the program below: