“I felt threatened and discriminated”: Camila Moreno spoke openly about bisexuality

Camila Moreno has not only achieved success in national music, but is also a tremendous reference as a woman for many of her followers.

And her relationship with her fans has always been honest, so she had no qualms about sharing her most intimate experiences in the latest edition of Sarah Magazine, where she starred in an incredible photo shoot.

The singer was consulted about some sayings about her sexual awakening, to which she replied: “Oh! The story is so long, but in truth I have been attracted to women since I was a child. I liked women and I liked men” .

And along the same lines, he added that: “And when I liked women I liked my best friends, but I refused, I repressed myself. I felt it was wrong.”

Camila Moreno for Sarah Magazine

“We both felt guilty”

The artist also said that: “Until, at school, like in third grade, something important happened with a best friend. That made us maintain a secret, stormy, guilty relationship.

In this part of the interview, the journalist asks him about this last concept, guilt. “We both felt guilty. I felt very tormented about being a lesbian at the time,” he noted.

The interpreter referred to their relationship during the early 2000s. “After I fell in love with a man, then I felt relieved and I was denying my bisexuality for almost ten years. I had male partners.

And she added that: “Later I was a mother and of course, after that separation I felt free to explore this that I had so denied for fear of accepting myself, what will they say, parenting.”

He also said that society “is unfair and violent towards homosexual people. I felt threatened when I was a teenager and I also felt discriminated against.”

Camila Moreno for Sarah Magazine
Camila Moreno for Sarah Magazine