“I feel like it’s time…”: Julio Barroso revealed that he will retire from professional football in 2023

Everton footballer and former Colo Colo player Julio Barroso surprised after revealing on Monday that he will retire from professional football in 2023.

Through a conversation with Los Tenores de radio dnathe 37-year-old defender revealed that he will leave his shoes on the pitch next year to have more time in his personal life.

“They are the first medium that I am going to communicate, but I have already defined that next year will be my last sports year,” he told the program, while Jorge “Magician” Valdivia delved into the reasons that will lead him to hang up his shoes.

“It’s a family thing. I have been happy here in Chile for twelve years with everything I have experienced, but I feel that it is time for my family, for my children. Unfortunately, I feel that life goes by very quickly and there are things that you also have to enjoy. I believe that it is the moment to do it, and to be with them”, affirmed Barroso.

“I am excited to give this news, but I have been planning it for a long time. I feel that now is the time to enjoy with the people who were by your side at all times, dedicate more time to them”, reflected the footballer.

“It doesn’t seem like a farewell to me”

“I am going to enjoy next year as I have enjoyed throughout my career and God allow me to return to football soon with another activity,” said the Everton defender, ruling out a massive farewell.

“I’m going to enjoy the last game, it doesn’t seem like a farewell to me, since that’s left for other players bigger than me. Hopefully Valdivia and Paredes can have a farewell as they deserve, since both gave a lot to football”, added Barroso confirming that he will retire at Everton and also referring to his former teammates in Colo Colo, who retired from football this year.