“I feel a little responsible”: doctor recalled the last minutes of Princess Diana, 25 years after her death

Next August 31 will be the 25th anniversary of the tragic car accident that cost the life of the Princess Diana of Walesher partner Dodi Al Fayed, and the driver of the vehicle in which they were traveling when they crashed on the Bridge of Souls.

That night in 1997, shocked the entire world, the Queen of Hearts had ceased to exist.

One of the last people to see Diana alive was Dr. Frederic Mailliez, when he tried to save an unconscious woman struggling for breath – and unknown to him at the time – huddled on the floor of a split Mercedes.

Car in which Diana of Wales was traveling on the day of her death.

“I needed help fast”

“I realize that my name will always be associated with this tragic night,” the professional Mailliez told The Associated Press, a quarter century after the accident.

The doctor was returning from a party when he came across the incident: “I feel a bit responsible for his last moments. I walked towards the remains. I opened the door, and I looked inside,” he said.

“Four people, two of them apparently dead, without reaction, without breathing, and the other two, on the right side, were alive but in serious condition,” detailed the professional.

He stated that: “The front passenger was screaming, breathing. He could wait a few minutes.”

However, Diana was in no condition to wait for medical attention: “The passenger, the young lady, was on her knees on the floor of the Mercedes, her head was down. She had difficulty breathing. She needed help fast,” she confirmed.

Mailliez called an ambulance and tried to help her with the medical equipment he had in his vehicle: “I was unconscious. Thanks to my breathing bag (…) she recovered a little more energy, but she couldn’t say anything”.

Diana of Wales
Diana of Wales

“I tried to comfort her”

Hours later, he found out that the person whose life he tried to save was Princess Diana of Wales. “I know it’s amazing, but I didn’t recognize her,” she confessed.

“I was in the car in the back seat giving assistance. I realized that she was very beautiful, but my attention was so focused on what I had to do to save her life that I did not have time to think about who this woman was,” she recalled.

Diana of Wales, the day of her death.
Diana of Wales, the day of her death.

The man continued his account: “Someone behind me told me that the victims spoke English, so I started speaking English, said I was a doctor and called the ambulance,” he said. “I tried to comfort her.”

At that moment, he began to feel the flashes of the paparazzi, however, he recognized that he had “no reproach” towards them. “They did not prevent me from having access to the victims. I didn’t ask them for help, but they didn’t interfere with my work.”

“Did I do my job correctly?”

When Mailliez became aware that he was treating Diana, he was shocked and questioned his actions: “Did I do everything I could to save her? Did I do my job correctly?” he revealed.

“I consulted with my medical professors and with the police investigators,” he said, and they agreed that he did his best.

And although this 25th anniversary of Lady Di’s death stirs up these memories in the professional, he affirms that they also return “every time I drive through the Alma Tunnel,” he concluded.

Diana of Wales
Diana of Wales

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