“I ended up paying!”: Pamela Leiva revealed the unusual anniversary gesture that her ex-husband had

“The nameless”. This is how Pamela Leiva referred to her ex-husband when she was on We Can Talk (CHV) in July 2021. And now the comedian returns to the star of Fridays, and she will once again talk about her ex-partner and the large debts that she accumulated.

“It is not that I am only paying for the marriage, I am paying the debts acquired during the relationship,” she revealed in the chapter that opens on October 21.

In fact, he explained that “people think that I was only paying the marriage and not po’, it’s the debts.” However, she expressed, “the good thing is that I am in the final stretch of the debts that I was left paying alone.”

At the time, he admitted, “I must say that it hurt, I was very sorry.” At that time, it was she who “had the credit power in the commercial houses, the banks.” He was very clear about that. “As the relationship progressed, she began to get more into my accounts: she had my passwords and managed the money,” he said.

Thus, with that badly managed foreign money, the debts grew: “A trip to the mall with him was to pay me 300 lucas”, to the point that “my wadding hurt”. Even when he arrived with a gift for her, the first thing the ex-1810 (Canal) was: “How much did it cost you, how much did it cost you?”, because, of course, “I knew I had paid for it”.

The gift?

And they reached a critical point.

“We agreed that we were not going to give each other a gift because we were heavily in debt,” he said. So they went to the beach and agreed to share the expenses.

But it didn’t work out: “He came with a Pandora bracelet as a gift and it was one of the problems we had because I didn’t give him anything,” he revealed.

A few days later he left home and “my executive calls me to tell me that the credit card I had for him had been blown up”, then “he sends me the report and a Pandora bracelet appears”.

“I ended up paying for it!” He closed. “And more over she got angry.”