“I don’t understand the decision…”: Magdalena Max-Neef shared unexpected news about Gabriel Prieto’s health status

During the last few weeks, Magdalena Max-Neef used her social networks to report on her Gabriel Prieto, who is going through a delicate moment of health.

However, this Wednesday the actress revealed that from now on she will be able to continue this dynamic on her social networks. She thus revealed it in a new post that she shared on her Instagram account.

According to what he said, the close circle of his colleague asked him not to continue giving information related to his state of health.

“At the request of the family, I will not make any more reports on Gabriel’s health status, as they prefer to keep it private. Keep sending him all his love, “Magdalena wrote on the aforementioned virtual platform.

“Keep praying, lighting candles, sending good energy and lots of love. We are confident that Gabriel will recover, “she added.

After cardboard, a follower raised her voice in the face of the particular situation. “I only added love and blessings daily so that your dear friend recovers,” the user commented.

“I do not share or understand the decision. I just abide by it,” Max-Neef immediately clarified.

In any case, it should be remembered that Magdalena’s last report on the actor’s health was more than positive.

“Gabito has had a slight improvement in blood oxygenation and also kidney function. Let’s go for more! Every little advance gives us hope. Thank you all for his love and concern, ”the interpreter had written.

Magdalena Max-Neef’s post