“I don’t know what you mean …”: Ivette Vergara’s question that dislocated Eduardo Fuentes in the debut of Famous to classes

During the night of this Sunday, TVN premiered its new entertainment program, Famous to classes, in which one of the new faces of the channel, Eduardo Fuentes, participated.

And in one of the dynamics of the program, the animator Ivette Vergara brought to light some of the conquest techniques that she had in her school days who will be her partner in the next Festival del Huaso de Olmué.

It all came about when Fuentes revealed on screen that he was super cool when he liked someone at that time. However, his colleague threw him into the water.

“And if you were so discreet, why did you send love letters?” Ivette exposed it in the middle of the program. “I don’t know what you mean,” replied the former face of La Red, who was confused by the information.

The data that surprised Eduardo Fuentes

“I want to tell you that in a journalistic exercise we have gone out to investigate and after 23 years we have found the body of the crime. We have the letter that Eduardo Fuentes wrote to a classmate named Susana,” said Vergara before the text written by Fuentes was read in the same program.

“Miss Susan. Hello, how are you? I hope much better, have you taken care of yourself? Well, I want you to know how lousy recesses have been without you. Moving on to another topic, have your brother given you my regards? If he hasn’t given them to you, throw the dark circles at them. Hey Susana, on Tuesday there was a dress rehearsal of Jesus Christ superstar with clothes and everything”, narrated the voiceover of the space.

As expected, the particular situation generated laughter from everyone present in the studio.