“I don’t know what gesture to do”: Neme’s joke about Mauricio Pinilla that dislocated Karen Doggenweiler

After confirmation of the first artists for the Viña del Mar Festival 2023in the morning Pleased to meet you They analyzed how the grid of the long-awaited summer event is coming.

In contact with the local authorities, José Antonio Neme and Karen Doggenweiler asked all kinds of questions to get an idea of ​​possible surprises that could shine at Quinta Vergara.

In dialogue with Simón Oliveros, notary of the morning program, Councilman Carlos Williams was in charge of giving some clues.

“I have a piece of information that comes to me internally. The mayor (Macarena Ripamonti) would go to extraordinary lengths and make a non-stop trip to South Korea in search of the K-pop phenomenon. Do you know anything about that?” Oliveros asked the mayor.

“Well, the council has already endorsed that trip, she leaves on Friday and we wish her much success because she is going with a tremendous mission to position our city on a global level,” replied the councilman. Of course, he clarified that the main reason for the trip would be the implementation of new works in the Garden City.

Neme played the “Viña jury”

Faced with Williams’ revelation, Neme threw out the size: “May Kim Jong-un (North Korean leader) come as a jury.”

Then, he asked Karen to “greet” the galucha: “The jury of Viña del Mar 2023: Karen Doggenweiler”.

Then, he mentioned different celebrities, which his partner proceeded to imitate. However, when the name of Mauricio Pinilla, her former TVN partner, came up, the cheerleader was confused and had no reaction.

After a few seconds, Karen opened up. “I didn’t know what gesture to make with Mauricio,” admitted Doggenweiler, who chose to laugh.