“I don’t know if you would like it…”: Bruno Barticciotto’s unexpected live response that dislocated his father

A hilarious situation occurred this Thursday at the TNT Sports Crack Easy 2022 awards ceremony, where the best athletes of the year were awarded.

In fact, it was in the middle of an interview where Bruno Barticciotto, who shone in Palestino in the second half of this season, surprised with an unexpected answer.

It all came about when on the red carpet of the event, Melina Noto asked him about the possibility of arriving at Colo Colo at some point. This, while her father and the Cacique’s idol, Marcelo Pablo, was right next to her.

“Over there Marcelo, he drools over the trajectory his son is having, and I imagine he would like it, I don’t know if you would like it, to follow in your father’s footsteps in Colo-Colo, who knows…” , limited the journalist.

That yes, the answer of the one formed in Catholic University misplaced them all. “No,” said the young striker, who took the situation with humor. “Hello, hello,” he said as if alluding to failures with the microphone.

As expected, the reaction of “Barti Chico” generated various reactions in the cyber world, where some applauded his response, while some white fans crossed him and assured him that he does not have the level to be in the current Chilean soccer champion.

It is worth mentioning that this week Palestino confirmed that he acquired 50 percent of Barticciotto’s pass, so the player, for now, will continue in the Arab store in 2023.