“I don’t give anyone what I experienced”: Daniela Castro responded to those who accuse her of playing the victim after exposing her ex’s scam

After lashing out at her ex-partner again, Daniela Castro had to go out to defend herself because of the hateful messages that came to her accusing her of becoming “the victim” for exposing what happened.

In the first instance, The Masterchef winner shared her defenses after accusing her ex of fraud and even uploaded a screenshot of a conversation to her stories with Max Rivera asking him to return what he owed him for a million-dollar credit.

The influencer’s statements did not go unnoticed among her followers and although many supported her, others decided to attack her.

“It hurts me a lot…”

However, Dani I don’t know remained silent and defended herself against the ugly comments she received after exposing the situation.

“I’m going to tell you, I know it’s the minority but… it bores me a lot and I think it hurts me a lot as a woman that many women always say ‘she finishes and plays the victim.’ Sorry, the fact that I have been with two assholes, with an aggressive man and with a cafiche, does not imply that I play the victim, ”she started by saying in her stories.

Along the same lines, he added that “I expose things so that they do not happen to other people, but yes, I have been wrong because I have not shown everything that I can show.”

“I don’t play anything as a victim because I don’t give anyone what I lived and many women have lived, so I find it super unfair that they have the nerve, no, the human evil to say that I play the victim,” he said, adding that they could ask him anything they wanted to know.

After this, Daniela stated that she has shown evidence of what she says and that people have also come out to support her testimonies.

“So I don’t understand why they think I play the victim, if there are people who support me and experienced the same thing. Do they dislike me so much that they think I can invent something like that? ”, She questioned.

Finally, the young woman closed her message by stating that “I had a bad time, okay, I keep moving forward and I continue with my life, but I have to tell it and I have to share it for myself and for other women.”

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